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In 2015 " three eight " activities

Date:2015-03-17 Click:2167


    To celebrate "three eight" the international working women"s day, the company trade union organizations held to celebrate "three eight" women"s Day tug of war. March 13th afternoon, voices of the company on the playground, cheers, cries. Two out ofthree game with a total of 11 teams from the departments and productiondepartments to participate in the race. A whistle after the game, the players on both sides of their leader led, and bow legs sideways, riveting full vigor showdown;cheerleaders field under the waves of warm gas and cheers, add to the tension and the joy of the competition atmosphere. Through intense competition, QC 1 team won first place, Zhengchang 1 team won the second place, Zheng Sheng Factory 1 teamwon the third place.The labor union of the company issued a souvenir for team members and work on-the-job female employees, and to represent the companywishes to all the women compatriots happy holidays, good health and a happy family!

Through this activity, enriches the female workers amateur cultural life, not only demonstrate Masamori company female solidarity, spirited upward women"s style, but also reflects the Masamori company female self-improvement, the tenacious struggle of the spirit, but also carry forward the Zheng Sheng staff unity, enterprising teamspirit

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